Abraham Lincoln

March 4, 1861 - April 15, 1865

Lincoln has long been a hero across the political and social spectrum, not only here in the U.S. but also abroad.  His diligence as a lawyer, skill as a politician, passion as an opponent of slavery, and work guiding our fragile nation through its greatest crisis are legendary, and many feel that a strong emotion still clings to the things he signed.  Among Lincoln pieces we’ve carried are:

  • Letters, in which he dealt with politics, the war, personal matters, etc…;
  • Speeches. These are largely in institutions;
  • Documents. These are mostly military and civil appointments;
  • Endorsements. These typically sit on the verso of letters requesting some action and are signed as President;
  • Legal documents from his time as a lawyer.

A very small sample of the many Lincoln documents we have and have carried:

  • Lincoln’s signed order to blockade the Confederacy issued April 19, 1861. This is one of the most important autographs that remain in private hands;
  • A letter of Lincoln in which he promised to defend orphans for free, or pro bono;
  • Letters of Lincoln mentioning God, referencing Emancipation;
  • The final exchange of communications between law partner Herndon and Lincoln;
  • The telegram that gave Lincoln the news that the Confederates had entered PA toward Gettysburg.
Abraham Lincoln Autograph

Abraham Lincoln Stands Up For Generals Sherman and Grant in the Famous Worthington Incident